Shared Journeys

Taize Weekend in Birmingham

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th April 2018

Shared journeys is a weekend for young adults, aged 18 – 35 ish (if you fall outside this age range, either younger or older, and are interested in taking part please contact us about whether it is possible to participate in some way).

There will be times of silence and reflection, an opportunity to engage with and respond to issues of faith and social action and the interplay between them, and times for building a sense of friendship and community.


Taize is an ecumenical community of brothers, from all over the world, who live together as a “parable of community”. Each year they welcome thousands of young people who come together, to pray together, to learn from each other, to live in community with one another: not as an end in itself, but in order to be inspired to go out and continue to live this “pilgrimage of trust” in their own contexts.

The Taize community is closely associated with the style of prayer that is used in the Church of Reconciliation: simple, repetitive chants, sung in many languages reflecting the diversity of the community and its visitors lead people into times of silence and listening.

During the “Shared Journeys” weekend there will be several times of prayer in the style of the Taize community, shared meals, and workshops. Further details about the programme to follow.

Accommodation will mostly be with local host families, with some accommodation possibly in collective accommodation in church halls. please let us know when you register whether you have specific accommodation needs or if you have arranged your own accommodation.

Last year several hundred young adults from across the UK and Europe came together in Birmingham over the May Bank Holiday weekend for the “Hidden Treasure weekend”. The Churches of Birmingham who were involved are looking forward to, once again, welcoming you to their churches and homes and sharing something of your journey.

If you wish to join us for the whole weekend, please email as soon as possible. The prayers during the weekend are open to all and there is no need to register to attend them.

The programme for the weekend, which will be updated as the details are confirmed, can be found here.

The jpeg adverts for the whole weekend, the Saturday morning walk of solidarity and the Saturday evening prayer, which you are very welcome to use and share can be found here.